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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136

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TypePriorityItemStatusLast UpdateAssigned to / CommentsActions
DamageMediumFront door handle loose on the inside of the door.Submitted28/09/15 View
DamageMediumWheel clamp for the small trailer needed removing with a disc cutter as it was completely seized. Wheel clamp needs replacing.Submitted25/02/16 View
DamageMediumSignificant hole in the floor of the large trailer. Area around the hole weak and unsafe. Discovered on collection of the trailer yesterday (23/05/16) before loading for camp.Submitted24/05/16 View
DamageMedium1 set of trailer keys lost on camp. Wheel clamp padlock removed (damaged) to allow the trailer to be towed back from camp. CA aware and JR to supply new lock and keys.Submitted05/06/16 View
DamageHigh1st light in store doesn't switch on properly, suspect starter / tubeSubmitted22/03/17 View
DamageMediumHole in the 16ft hip end (eyes) Marquee canvas, and sign of wear in the corner where the pole goes through the canvas.Assigned05/06/17Assigned to Peter
05/06/17 - Will effect a temporary repair for rest of season.
06/06/17 - Roof section is destined for replacement this winter
DamageMediumgo-kart not steering very well and needs looking at backward bike the chain came off and is too longAssigned13/07/17Assigned to Peter
13/07/17 - The Pedal Go-karts are county camp equipment so will come under their maintenance arrangements. I will sort out the chain on the reverse steer bike
DamageMediumyet another test entryAssigned18/10/17Assigned to Ian Hawke
DamageMediumExterior Lighting; 1) Floodlight covering the carpark is not working (reported and fixed previously). 2) Light adjacent to the back door is not working. 3) Downlight is not working at the side of the HQ.Approved02/10/17Assigned to Peter
02/10/17 - Car park floodlight replaced, new bulb in downlighter. 2 new bulbs in Day Hall. light by rear door working but one by Day Hall side door is not, suspect water ingress & will nvestigate further
DamageHighMarquee Damage; 14ft roof section is ripped on both sides where the pole upright is located. 16ft hip end corner eye is missing and ripped. 6 wall poles broken or missing (8+ new required)Approved02/03/18Assigned to Peter
01/10/17 - Investigating repair this autumn02/03/18
14ft mid section now under repair and two new 16ft roof sections are being made, Will be complete by end of March. -