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3rd Hayling Scouts

The 3rd Hayling Scout Group is a registered charity. Charity number 308136

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Session DateSession TimeSession ActivityReqNameTelephoneEmail
Saturday 10th Feb10:00 to 12:30Sorting3  
Saturday 10th Feb14:00 to 16:30Sorting3  
Sunday 11th Feb10:00 to 12:30Sorting3  
Sunday 11th Feb14:00 to 16:30Sorting3  
Monday 12th Feb10:00 to 12:30Sorting3  
Monday 12th Feb14:00 to 16:30Sorting3  
Tuesday 13th Feb10:00 to 12:30Sorting3  
Tuesday 13th Feb14:00 to 16:30Sorting3  
Wednesday 14th Feb10:00 to 13:00Selling3  
Wednesday 14th Feb13:00 to 16:00Selling3  
Thursday 15th Feb10:00 to 13:00Selling3  
Thursday 15th Feb13:00 to 16:00Selling3  
Friday 16th Feb10:00 to 13:00Selling3  
Friday 16th Feb13:00 to 16:00Selling3  
Saturday 17th Feb09:00 to 12:00Selling5  
Saturday 17th Feb11:30 to 14:00Packing3